Where did 2014 go?

I remember being really happy to close the door on 2013. That year was the beginning of a long, hard road ahead and 2014 proved to be its own kind of monster. I learnt a lot though. I learned that I am good and kind, but that I have my limits. I learned that I’m not so terrible in the mom department, and I learned that falling in love in my 30s is scary, but rewarding. I also learned that I can be a jerk, that I take on too much, and that I need sleep or I’m insufferable.

With a new year around the corner, it brings in a world of possibility, the promise of a clean slate, a fresh start. This year I am doing things a little differently, I’m setting intentions. The medical definition of intention is “the healing process of a wound” and that is exactly what I hope to accomplish. I am opening myself up to any possibility that comes my way, I will embrace it with open arms and hug it so tightly that its head pops off.


My word for 2015 came so easily: HAPPINESS. So what makes me happy?

1. Spend more time outdoors (snowshoeing, skating, running, camping, hiking, etc.)
2. Take more photos.
3. Do more scary things. Fear is the hand that pulls the strings and I am in charge.
4. Quality girl time. More chatting, more wine, more more more.
5. I can do anything, but not everything. Unload the plate, life will go on.
6. Spread the doTERRA knowledge.
7. Yoga. This is a need AND a want.


Where did 2014 go?

Coffee Talk – with Emma

{Coffee talk is a monthly post to gush about friends, find inspiration, and an excuse for a drink.}

When I came up with the idea for a Coffee Talk feature, it was easy to choose who I would pitch the idea to first. I have big dreams for these posts and wanted the first one to set the tone. I decided to feature an incredibly inspirational lady that I’m lucky to call a dear friend.

Cronk 1

I met Emma in the fall of 2012 when we were both working for Lululemon. Emma has always inspired me through her work ethic, her commitment to doing what’s right, and her giant heart. This girl is beautiful inside and out.

Here is Emma in her own words…

1. Who are you?
I am a 26-year-old small town farm girl who is actively seeking medical school as her future profession. I love traveling, site-seeing, and traveling home to Parham to ride one of our 28 horses!


2. Coffee/Tea Shop drink of choice?
David’s Tea Toasted Walnut Latte with Soy milk (THE best)

3. What are your core values?
My number one core value in life is FAMILY. 100%. From my parents, to my three sisters, to my grandpa, I would not be who I am today without their guidance. Next is ACCOUNTABILITY. I live my life with integrity, knowing that anyone can rely on me if they need to. I want to be that guidepost for people who think the world is only filled with darkness. Next is LOVE. I am so lucky to have found love again with someone who I fell out of love with earlier on in my life. It seems ironic, but when time passes and you still think about that one person as if they never left…you know they are the one. Last but not least is SELF. I have realized over the years that values and morals don’t really matter in your life if you do not love yourself enough to act on those values. Practice yoga, eat cookies, go swimming, and know that you are perfect just the way you are.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself practicing medicine in Canada after I have graduated from my 4 year MD program. (With honours of course ) I am not only in residency, but I am the Chief Resident of my Physiatry program at U of T. I want to help people get better, but I also want to prevent them from getting sick in the first place. I am married to my soul mate and we live in a cute town with our Great Dane and my cat Nelly, and we are ridiculously happy.

5. Favourite quote?
I was reading the book “In the Jungle of Medicine” which chronicles 4 Canadian physicians that went to medical school at Ross University in the Caribbean. One of the quotes at the beginning of the book by an American author Ernest Hemingway called courage “grace under pressure”, which really resonated with me. That has been my new life motto and my recent favourite quote.

Cronk 3

You can read all about Emma’s adventures as she prepares to head off to Medical School!

Coffee Talk – with Emma

Toddler Rooms

I’m sure everyone has seen elaborately decorated children’s bedrooms, Pinterest is full of them, but when planning my munchkin’s room I’m looking for something that can last and need minimal updating.

My brain has always focused on very young children having bedrooms that are strictly for sleeping. When my little one switches from crib to toddler bed (I can’t believe he is going to be 3 and has never tried the grand crib escape), I’m concerned that the temptation of a bedroom full of toys will not be conducive to a goodnight’s sleep. At the same time, I can’t help but fall in love with the idea of a whole wall for sporadic artistic endeavours?



1. IKEA Rug, 2. Amy Hamilton print 


Toddler Rooms

Geranium and Ginger Body Scrub

Lately, this mama has been burning the candle at both ends and I’m starting to feel it. At first, I thought it might just be the change in weather, but when I cracked open my trusty planner, I quickly realized how much I’ve been cramming into my days. This week has taken its toll with work, interviews, a workshop, and a feverish toddler. I needed a break.

While perusing Pinterest, I found a recipe for a Geranium body scrub that peaked my interest.  Geranium “being beneficial in promoting emotional stability, alleviating pain, enhancing mood, and reducing inflammation” it “is also said to help with depression, anxiety and insomnia”. While all of these characteristics were appealing, I found Geranium to be overpowering. I wanted something warmer and I chose to pair it with Ginger for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its scent. The combination is lovely and the look of this scrub is quite pretty (a word I rarely use).




1/2 cup Fine Grain Pink Himalayan Salt

1/4 cup Fractioned Coconut Oil (I used FCO because of how cold things are getting these days, but would use regular Coconut Oil in the warmer months)

5 drops doTERRA Geranium

10 drops doTERRA Ginger




Combine all ingredients in a glass jar of your choice and enjoy as part of your nighttime routine.




If you are interested in purchasing the oils for this post, please visit my doTERRA site.

Geranium and Ginger Body Scrub

New career, new wardrobe

If style is a gene, it skipped me. My mom has great style and my sister’s style is enviable.  I affectionally call my wardrobe “the uniform” because it consists of 85% black, 99% elastic-waisted bottoms, and 100% oversized tops and dresses. When Beyonce sings “I woke up like this”, she is singing about me.

My work history had me pretty corporate in the clothing department, but as a freelance Graphic and Web Designer, my uniform actually makes me the most stylish in the office (see what I did there?). I’m looking to upgrade the uniform to something that says professional yet approachable and definitely not I’m the coding creature under the stairs that doesn’t see the light of day.


1. Cargo + leopard, 2. Orange chairs, 3. Denim on denim, 4. Gwyneth Paltrow, 5. Pants, 6. Navy pants and stripped top, 7. Maxi skirt, 8. Jessica Alba, 9. Plaid

New career, new wardrobe

Anatomy of a Cough Syrup

Pumpkin flavoured everything, hoodies, beards, and football season are just around the corner, but tagging along with my favourite season is its annoying little sister: THE COLD.

I like to live a very low-maintenance lifestyle, which usually has me forgoing over the counter medication and going extra hippie during cold and flu season, but being plagued with a cough for almost 2 weeks had me scouring the internet for something to make me less cranky. There had to be something with a simpler ingredient list than this:

153 mg ammonium carbonate

267 mg potassium bicarbonate

22 mg menthol

2.2 mg camphor

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
Butylparaben, Canada balsam, carrageenan, glycerin, pine needle oil, propylparaben, sodium cyclamate, tincture of capsicum and water.

I had to do something about this pesky cough! Enter the newest addition to the fall list: the hippie cough syrup. I found the recipe here and after a full day of taking it every 3 -4 hours and finally getting some rest, I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better.


For 1 dose

1 Tbsp. Honey
1 drop Lemon
1 drop On Guard
1 drop Peppermint
1 drop Frankincense

You can keep your parabens Buckley’s, I’ve got an oil for that.

Anatomy of a Cough Syrup